Brendan McLeod

Writer - Spoken Word Artist - Musician - Theatre Artist

News for Spring 2019

  • I’ve just returned from an amazing show at the Port Theatre in BC - the third ever show for my collaboration with pianist Sarah Hagen, Exultation. Very excited to bring that to soft seat theatres across the West in 2020.

  • Big ups to the Canada Council of the Arts, which is supporting the research for my new monologue, due in 2021, currently entitled, Capital. It is also supporting post production expenses for Exultation, as well as different travel grants this year. i’m grateful to the Council for all it does to support Canadian art.

  • Speaking of travel, I’m off to the Banff Centre for the month of May, where I’ll be working for five works in the Writer’s Studio on a new novel. I’m grateful to the Centre for the opportunity,

  • In the summer, The Fugitives will be doing a couple weeks of tour and a few folk festivals. Stay tuned for dates!

  • And finally, really excited to announce my newest theatre show, Ridge, will premiere at the Chan Centre in Vancouver in March, 2020. I’m really humbled that such an amazing theatre has signed on to premiere the work. No pressure at all! :) If you’d like to read about the show (and see some snappy new press pics) and, of course, get tickets, you can do so HERE.

News for Fall, 2018

  • Thanks to everyone who came out on the mammoth Fugitives EU tour! We had a great time. While we over there we also found out the new album, The Promise of Strangers, was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award for Best Vocal Group and won the German Music Critic’s Award for Best Folk Album. Amazing! Stay tuned for new album news and shows coming up!

  • I’m excited to announce a huge tour of BRAIN across the whole of BC in February, 2019. I’ll be headed everywhere from Fort St. John to Vancouver Island. Check all the dates on the TOUR PAGE.

  • Also excited that EXULTATION has been booked for some great soft seat theatre shows across BC in 2019/2020. Dates at the TOUR page.

  • I’m hard at work right now on a new solo show, thanks to the Canada Council’s support. I’m really pleased with how it’s shaping up and am excited about the premiere date and venue. I can’t announce it yet but I will soon.

  • It’s good to be home and off the road. Here’s a Fugitives music video about just that:

News for April, 2018

Thanks to all who came out on recent tours with The Fugitives across Eastern Canada and Brain across BC! Here's what's up moving forward: 

  • The Fugitives are hitting Western Canada in late April/early May. All tour dates HERE or at the band website
  • I'm extremely excited to be the recipient of an Explore and Create grant from the Canada Council. It will allow me to spend most of the summer writing a new solo show. I'm excited, honoured, humbled, blessed. All of the good things! 
  • Europe! Fugitives haven't forgotten you! We'll be back your way in September for a month long tour that'll take us all over. Including the Czech Republic for the first time! Exciting! 
  • Solo wise, there are a ton of All Star Poets dates in May in and around Toronto. I'll also be appearing at the Wakefield Writer's Festival at the end of May. 
  • Here's a new Fugitives vid, shot over the course of our January tour: 

News for January, 2018

Hey all, here's what's new: 

  • The new Fugitives album is out. It's called "The Promise of Strangers" and it's out on Borealis Records. If you live in the EU or UK, it's out on Westpark Records in late February. Go to our site and stream it/buy it/check out all the things. 
  • Here's a new video for the single off Promise of Strangers, No Words
  • Here's a video for another new song, Northern Lights
  • The band will be at Folk Alliance this February!
  • Brain will be touring BC this March. Check out the dates. See you soon!

News for October, 2017

Hey all! 

Just back from a tour of the UK with The Fugitives. Amazing time as always, and thanks to everyone who came out (and sold out so many shows!). We'll be back there some time next fall. 

Speaking of the band, we're super excited to announce our new album "The Promise of Strangers" is coming out January 26th in Canada (Borealis), in the States in February, and in the EU and UK in February/March with Westpark Records. Check out the new lyric video for the opening track "No Words" below. It was written for Leonard Cohen the day after he passed.



News for August, 2017

Hey all! Greetings from Edmonton! I'm here for a quick stint throwing down "Brain" for the Edmonton Fringe Festival. It started off opening night with a 4 star review from Vue. Come check out the remaining shows if you are in town, or if you know someone in the city, send them along!

In other news:

  • Brain has been published! And it looks great! I'll get the sales link up soon, but thanks to Patchwork Press for all the hard work they've put in bringing it to life. 
  • The Fugitives start a UK tour on September 28th.  Check out all the dates on the appropriate page. Can't wait to get back to the land of sweet beer! (and honey?) No. Just beer.
  • Big props to all involved in the Unsilent Project. We cross-crossed the country with the National Youth Orchestra all summer, spreading the word of Zaccheus Jackson far and wide. May that man's words live forever! 
  • The new Fugitives album drops this winter. Lots of news to come, including Canadian tour date announcements (say what? yes, we're actually touring our own country for once), videos, and more. This album is a doozy. Can't wait to get it out in the world. 

News for July, 2017

Hey all! Greetings from the road. I'm currently touring across Canada with The Unsilent Project , a collaboration between the National Youth Orchestra and Signal Theatre. Basically, it is a 92 person amazing orchestra performing original orchestral and poetic works, based on the work of my late, great friend Zaccheus Jackson. It's been an honour to be a part of it. All the dates are at the Tour page. If you were a friend or fan of Zac's and would like to take in the show, let me know and I can wrestle you up some tickets. 

Other stuff! 

  • I'm in Edmonton from August 17-27th performing Brain as part of the Edmonton Fringe Festival. All dates are up at the TOUR page. Come say hey and check out Brain. 
  • The Fugitives are headed back to the UK in September for a three week tour! Dates coming super soon! The new album is coming out in Canada and across Europe in January, 2018. To be followed quickly by an Eastern Canadian swing. Again, all dates coming soon! 
  • I'll leave you with a poem of Zac's below. 


News for June, 2017

  • Thanks to all who came out across the EU during The Fugitives tour of Germany, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands. We had an amazing time, and as per usual, were treated to so much fantastic hospitality across the continent. We'll be back to the EU in the fall of 2018 for some more! 
  • Next up is a cross-Canada tour for The Unsilent Project. This is a partnership between Signal Theatre and the National Youth Orchestra. I'll be doing spoken word for this project and it's very close to my heart, as it features the work of Zaccheus Jackson, who was a super close friend and tourmate for many years. I'm honoured to be part of this project and excited Zac's work is going to be heard by so many on such a prominent stage. Hit the link for more info on that project. We're hitting venues across the country from July-August.
  • Brain will be at the Edmonton Fringe Festival this year! Still waiting on a venue but the dates are August 17-27th! See you soon, Oiler people!
  • The Fugitives are headed back to the UK at the end of September. Dates coming soon! 

News for April, 2017

  • Had an amazing time showcasing "Brain" at Pacific Contact last week. Thanks to all the presenters and artists I met. Hope to see you all soon down the road!


  • Just added a new video trailer for my new show with pianist Sarah Hagen. It's up on the corresponding page


  • Just had rehearsals for the new Fugitives tour of Germany. We have old Fugitive Steve Charles back into the fold, and we've added bass. The new tour, the new album, the new sound are all going to be sick. Tune into our website for all the info, including all May dates of our upcoming German tour!


  • New lyric video for a new Fugitives tune dropping at the end of the month!


  • For those enquiring about my Mom. Yes, she's on to the next round in the master's national curling championships. Because she's amazing. Go Team Alberta!

News for March, 2017....

  • Thanks to all who came out to the world premiere of the new show with pianist Sarah Hagen at the Della Herman Theatre in Smithers. It was amazingly well-received and encouraged us to do more! For info on that project check the page on the site (video trailer is on the way soon).  Thanks to the Bukley Valley Concert Association for flying us in and putting us up and having us! 


  • We are just finishing up the new The Fugitives record. Release date, as well as full tour dates for our German tour in May, are on the way very soon. Check back here for details.  


  • Headed to Pacific Contact at the end of the month to showcase Brain. See all you Bc presenters soon!



  • Other than that, just writing a book. And excited to watch my Mom play in the master's national curling championships in the next few weeks. Go Alberta! Go Mom! Hurry hard!