New Monologue!

Excited that my new monologue “Brain” will be debuting at the end of the month. I’m doing runs at both the Victoria and Vancouver fringe festivals with it. All dates are up on the TOUR page.

Below is a new photo for the show by Mike Savage. Thanks to the Canada Council of the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council for their support! Time to get this thing up and running!

brain photo 3 small

Summer Shenanigans – New Monologue!

Hey all,

May is half done already. How? It just got started. If you’re in BC and we haven’t hung out yet, check out the TOUR page for upcoming shows. Highlights include a workshop performance of my new monologue, “BRAIN”, a rally for the Green Party, and two writer’s residencies via the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Writer’s Fest. It’s going to be a busy end of the month!

In June, I head back to Toronto for the month and will be workshopping the monologue there — stay tuned for a date!

See y’all soon!

Here’s some new live Fugitives:

National Poetry Month Coming. Boom. Bam.

Hola! I’m in Spain! It’s amazing here. I’ve been to the South, but never to Barcelona, which is where I’ve been for the past 2 weeks. I’m supposed to be writing but it’s not really happening. Don’t tell anyone. I still have 2 weeks left. It could happen. I believe.

When I get back, life is off the chain. National Poetry Month = no sleep. All Star Slam gigs in Ontario, followed by Biennale “Big Ideas” classes in Vancouver, some hosting gigs with Hullabaloo, a writer’s residence at Mulgrave, and then on into summer shows and festivals. Speaking of which, I had a great time at the Victoria Spoken Word Festival last month, and The Fugitives had a great time up at the Canadian Winter Games. What amazing crowds, artists, people! I’ll remember both those events for a long time.

winter games


The. New. Year.

Aloha! I have been staying away from the world, holed up in Toronto writing a novel, but I am venturing back on tour this spring. Hooray!

February will be busy. First some All Star Slam shows with Prologue in Ontario, then off to Vancouver for a showcase at Art Starts, some educational work on the Sunshine Coast courtesy of the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts, then off to the Canadian Winter Games with The Fugitives, and back to Victoria to be the Poet of Honour at the Victoria Spoken Word Festival.


All dates are posted up on the tour page . Let’s hang!

And as always, here’s a video. Oldie but a goodie.


Canadian Folk Music Awards

Hey all,

I’ve been holed away finishing up this latest novel, which I’m extremely psyched to be finishing around Christmas. Finally!

In the meantime, The Fugitives are up for a Canadian Folk Music Award next week for “Vocal Group of the Year”. Wish us luck!

We will be back out on the road in February. See you then!

For now, speaking of singing, check out this live vid of us courtesy of Southern Souls: