Brain at the Winnipeg Fringe

Hey all,

I’m doing “Brain” at the Winnipeg Fringe right now, from July 13-24th. I have a show every day, so please feel free to send your loved ones/friends/family/yourself/enemies/your dog. Tickets and showtimes can me found HERE

The Winnipeg Free Press gave the show 4.5 stars out of 5. “Brendan McLeod delivers an intensely personal, tightly edited, smartly comedic hour-long monologue…Taking a frank, often funny look at mental illness, McLeod busts some big taboos. He also offers a larger philosophical and scientific inquiry into the mystery and miracle of consciousness.” Check the full review HERE.

Check a trailer for the show below…



Brain “Trailer”

Hey all,

Just finished a three week whirlwind tour of BC. Was great to get out there and do straight up poems and songs on my own again. Thanks to the folks at Art Starts for co-ordinating the school residencies, the folks at Verses Fest for having me at their amazeball festivals, and all the peeps met along the way.

Back to writing for two months, then it’s onwards to the Midsummer Festival with The Fugitives and then performing Brain at the Winnipeg Fringe. Speaking of which, here’s a new trailer for the show, posted below. I’m really honoured that it’s also been added to this year’s program at the Chan Centre in Vancouver. That’ll be on my birthday – Nov. 17th! Tickets for it should be available soon.


2016 News

Hey all,

I am currently in Toronto working on the new novel (still, I know. Hey. Writing is hard.) I’m also hosting the All Star SLAM performance from January-March in select Ontario schools, then off to BC for most of April, to work as a writer in Residence on Vancouver Island and do a tour through 8 BC cities via Art Starts. While there, I’m also excited to be part of this year’s Verses festival.

We are just firming up some summer festival dates for The Fugitives — should have them all soon. I’ll also be performing my newest monologue, “Brain”, at the Winnipeg Fringe. Busy times!

Now here is a video of a tune:


UK/Europe Dates

Hey all,

It’s almost October. Man, screw time. It just gets away from you.

Thanks to everyone in BC for an amazing run of the new monologue “Brain” for the last 4 weeks. Just got home to Toronto feeling super excited about the future. For those who have asked: yep, there’s a video of the show on the way, and yes, I’m going to keep performing it for some time to come. Can’t wait!

Wanted to let you know the dates for The Fugitives UK/EU tour are now up on my TOUR page. We’re there for 6 weeks! It’s gonna rule. Come hang with us and hear some new/old/revamped tunes. And stories. Always, always with the stories. See you soon, people on the other side of the ocean!

PS. Below is a new Fugitives vid. Live with a choir! What’s even more exciting is that we’re doing this song with choirs all across England on our tour. Stay tuned for further footage of that. What what!


Brain wins Pick of the Fringe Award at the Van Fringe Fest

Super pleased that my monologue “Brain” won “Pick of the Fringe” at the 2015 Vancouver Fringe Festival and will be held over for one more show at the Revue Stage on Granville Island.

It goes Friday at 8:45PM. Tickets can be found here

Then it’s on to Europe with The Fugitives!

In unrelated news, it’s election time, so I’ll leave you with this: