Brendan McLeod

Writer - Spoken Word Artist - Musician - Theatre Artist



An original one woman/ one act play centred on upcoming children’s entertainer Sammi Sam, who lives to please and inspire everyone around her: the children she entertains, her long-term boyfriend Ben, and his affluent parents. When she accidentally becomes pregnant, she and Ben must choose whether or not to have a child during a financially and socially unstable time of their lives. The decision forces them to re-evaluate their life goals and their relationship to both their families and each other. Part naive children’s show, part interpersonal drama, The Big Oops takes on contemporary social mores with abnormal humour and pathos.


“Cara Yeates is bubbly perfection in Brendan McLeod’s play, which was directed by TJ Dawe. Watching Yeates take her character through the evolution is both funny and touching, especially when her accompanying cheery soundtrack gets in the way of a tough decision.” – CBC (4 Stars)

“…unabashed fun and full of life, but it’s also a pregnant pause that delivers a surprising amount of poignancy” – Winnipeg Free Press (4 Stars)