Brendan McLeod

Writer - Spoken Word Artist - Musician - Theatre Artist

News for July, 2017

Hey all! Greetings from the road. I'm currently touring across Canada with The Unsilent Project , a collaboration between the National Youth Orchestra and Signal Theatre. Basically, it is a 92 person amazing orchestra performing original orchestral and poetic works, based on the work of my late, great friend Zaccheus Jackson. It's been an honour to be a part of it. All the dates are at the Tour page. If you were a friend or fan of Zac's and would like to take in the show, let me know and I can wrestle you up some tickets. 

Other stuff! 

  • I'm in Edmonton from August 17-27th performing Brain as part of the Edmonton Fringe Festival. All dates are up at the TOUR page. Come say hey and check out Brain. 
  • The Fugitives are headed back to the UK in September for a three week tour! Dates coming super soon! The new album is coming out in Canada and across Europe in January, 2018. To be followed quickly by an Eastern Canadian swing. Again, all dates coming soon! 
  • I'll leave you with a poem of Zac's below.