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News for August, 2017

Hey all! Greetings from Edmonton! I'm here for a quick stint throwing down "Brain" for the Edmonton Fringe Festival. It started off opening night with a 4 star review from Vue. Come check out the remaining shows if you are in town, or if you know someone in the city, send them along!

In other news:

  • Brain has been published! And it looks great! I'll get the sales link up soon, but thanks to Patchwork Press for all the hard work they've put in bringing it to life. 
  • The Fugitives start a UK tour on September 28th.  Check out all the dates on the appropriate page. Can't wait to get back to the land of sweet beer! (and honey?) No. Just beer.
  • Big props to all involved in the Unsilent Project. We cross-crossed the country with the National Youth Orchestra all summer, spreading the word of Zaccheus Jackson far and wide. May that man's words live forever! 
  • The new Fugitives album drops this winter. Lots of news to come, including Canadian tour date announcements (say what? yes, we're actually touring our own country for once), videos, and more. This album is a doozy. Can't wait to get it out in the world.