Performances & Workshops for Youth

Hello teachers, professors, youth program facilitators, and others interested in my literacy and/or arts education skills. Below are the activities in which I am currently engaged:

Yes! I come to secondary schools! I perform regularly at secondary schools, either by myself or with The Fugitives. Thus far, I have performed at over 100 secondary schools and universities across Canada, Europe, and the United States. My aim is to make poetry fun, cool, accessible, and enlightening to youth. Get in touch with me if you’re interested.

Yes! I teach writing workshops to youth! All the time, with aims similar to the above, though with a focus on the tools needed to write keen creative poetry and fiction. I do everything from one class workshops to week long residencies at secondary schools to bi-monthly workshops at community centres. Again, please get in touch.

Yes! I host the Travellin’ SLAM & All Star SLAM . And yes, it also comes into high schools. There’s a whole page on it over here for BC schools, and right here for Ontario schools.

I am an active member of the Vancouver Poetry in Schools program, which places performance poets into Vancouver classrooms to SLAM!ify them. Visit WordPlay here 

I am an active artist in school with the Vancouver Biennale program. Learn more about this amazing program here.

I serve as a writing instructor for the Writer’s Guild of Alberta summer writing camps called Wordsworth. These also rule. Check ’em out here.


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