UK/Europe Dates

Hey all,

It’s almost October. Man, screw time. It just gets away from you.

Thanks to everyone in BC for an amazing run of the new monologue “Brain” for the last 4 weeks. Just got home to Toronto feeling super excited about the future. For those who have asked: yep, there’s a video of the show on the way, and yes, I’m going to keep performing it for some time to come. Can’t wait!

Wanted to let you know the dates for The Fugitives UK/EU tour are now up on my TOUR page. We’re there for 6 weeks! It’s gonna rule. Come hang with us and hear some new/old/revamped tunes. And stories. Always, always with the stories. See you soon, people on the other side of the ocean!

PS. Below is a new Fugitives vid. Live with a choir! What’s even more exciting is that we’re doing this song with choirs all across England on our tour. Stay tuned for further footage of that. What what!


Brain wins Pick of the Fringe Award at the Van Fringe Fest

Super pleased that my monologue “Brain” won “Pick of the Fringe” at the 2015 Vancouver Fringe Festival and will be held over for one more show at the Revue Stage on Granville Island.

It goes Friday at 8:45PM. Tickets can be found here

Then it’s on to Europe with The Fugitives!

In unrelated news, it’s election time, so I’ll leave you with this:


“Brain” Reviews from the Vancouver Fringe

Hey all,

Been really moved so far by the reviews of “Brain” at the Vancouver Fringe.

The Georgia Straight:

“McLeod offers all of this with generosity and phenomenal grace. The guy is so smart, his rapid-fire delivery so clean and confident, his wit so casual, copious, and reassuring that he makes the journey feel safe for the audience. He gives himself; he feels less alone and we feel less alone. That’s what theatre is all about.” – Colin Thomas

Read the full review HERE.

Plank Magazine:

“This show is intelligent and reflective as well as fun and relatable. The full package. It’s soulful, heartfelt theatre that is moving and challenging, skillfully crafted and entertaining. I highly recommend it.”

Read the full review HERE.

“Brain” wins “Best Male Performer” at Victoria Fringe

Hey all!

Just finished the run at the Victoria Fringe. What a blessing for a first run! So many generous audiences and artists.

The show got nominations for “Best Solo Show” and “Overall Audience Favourite” and won “Favourite Male Performer”. Feeling very lucky about all that.

The show runs Sept. 10-19th in Vancouver. I have a small venue, so please buy advance tickets HERE.

If you’d like to read synopsis and reviews about the show, see below for the round up.

Here’s the press so far:

A profile & interview on CBC’s North by Northwest

A profile in the Victoria News.

Marble Theatre Review said: “Brain is funny, poignant, thought provoking, and life affirming… In short, it is a testament to everything that a story, and a mind, can be.” Full review HERE.

Dispatches from the Fringe says: “Experience what many spoken word aficionados already know—the sheer brilliance of an accomplished artist.” Full review HERE.

Janine Bandcroft said: “Obviously a skilled spoken word artist, Brendan’s show flowed perfectly.” Full review HERE.




New Monologue!

Excited that my new monologue “Brain” will be debuting at the end of the month. I’m doing runs at both the Victoria and Vancouver fringe festivals with it. All dates are up on the TOUR page.

Below is a new photo for the show by Mike Savage. Thanks to the Canada Council of the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council for their support! Time to get this thing up and running!

brain photo 3 small