Happy New Year! (& News…)

Hey all,

Hope everyone had a great safe New Year’s. I’m back in Toronto, after having just finished up the new Fugitives record in Vancouver! Super exciting! We will be touring it through Germany in May, then onwards to the UK and Canada after that. Stay tuned for all relevant dates, they’re coming…

In solo news, big belated thanks to all the BC peeps that helped “Brain” sell out the Port Theatre in Nanaimo and the Metro Theatre in Victoria and the Chan Centre in Vancouver. Those are some great big venues, and the fact that the show is resonating people fills me with excitement and gratitude. So thanks!

This February, I’m headed on the road with pianist heavyweight Sarah Hagen to premiere our newest show. It’s a collaboration where she plays 13 preludes from Rachmaninoff’s Opus 32 and I respond to each piece with poems and stories. C’mon! What could be better than classical music and spoken word?!

I’ll leave you with some of her awesomeness, playing my fave of the preludes from Opus 32….

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