Buffy Sainte-Marie Tour

Hey all,

Some exciting news that my folk group The Fugitives will be opening for folk legend Buffy Sainte-Marie this March for a two week stint through the Prairies. Please see all the relevant dates on my Gigs page.

In other news, I’m off to the Coldsnap Festival in Prince George to run and perform at the festival’s inaugural SLAM. Then I’m off to Festival Place to perform a solo show in Sherwood Park. Back home for the Superbowl, then off on tour with The Fugitives again. It will be a fun winter! Stay warm, y’all!

New Fugitives Album, Videos, Tour, Reviews – Everything!

Hey all,

The leaves are turning, which means it’s time for touring. You can head over to the gigs page and take a look at the many places I’ll be coming to across Canada, as The Fugitives release our new CD, Everything Will Happen.

Though we’re a month away, reviews are starting to come in, and they’re really really positive. Check them out here and here.

Wanna see some new videos? Oh man. We have tons. Just head over to our video blog for trailers, official vids, and live vids. It’s all good fun.

Here’s a nice new one below:

See you soon, Canada!

New Fugitives EP Released, #2 on Canadian Folk Charts!

Hey all,

Pleased as punch that the new Fugitives EP “Bigger than Luck” was released last week on Light Organ Records.

We’ve had some good news so far, as it entered the Canadian folk/roots/blues earshot charts at #8 and moved up this week to the #2 position. Hurrah!

To buy a physical copy of the new Cd, head over here to the Light Organ Records store.

Grab a digital copy here

I’m holing up and writing for the new two months, but we have a huge Fugitives release tour planned for the fall, as well as some other exciting announcements. See you soon!

CBC story/Fugitives Beatroute article

Hey all,

If you’re in the mood for some reading, HERE is interview I did with Beatroute about the new Fugitives EP.

Also, I was on CBC Radio 1 today talking about how I once faked a broken leg to get off work and go on tour (oh, the younger days). You can listen HERE, it’s the first story in.

The new Fugitives EP comes out next week! Along with the official video for “Bigger than Luck”. Hold on to your socks!

The Fugitives EP Release, Tranzac, Toronto

Hey all,

The Fugitives are proud to announce a show to celebrate the release of our new EP “Bigger than Luck” through Light Organ Records. June 30th at the Tranzac in Toronto, with Kaia Kater.

We recorded our newest album in Toronto this January with producer John Critchley (Dan Mangan, Elliot BROOD). The day we were tracking gang vocals was the night of the biggest snowstorm in Toronto in the last ten years. We expected no one to show. But being the amazing supportive Torontonians that you were, we had dozens of people come out in force (in the middle of a SNOWSTORM) to sing on our album and help support us.

We love Tdot for reasons like this. Come celebrate the release of our new EP on June 30th at the Tranzac. We will be playing with a full 6 piece band, including many of the players who were on the album.

You can stream the new single off our website here