Canadian Folk Music Awards

Hey all,

I’ve been holed away finishing up this latest novel, which I’m extremely psyched to be finishing around Christmas. Finally!

In the meantime, The Fugitives are up for a Canadian Folk Music Award next week for “Vocal Group of the Year”. Wish us luck!

We will be back out on the road in February. See you then!

For now, speaking of singing, check out this live vid of us courtesy of Southern Souls:


Summertime Festivals!

Hey all,

The Fugitives just wrapped a really fun tour of EU and UK over the last six weeks. During that time, we drank lots of beer, logged alot of miles, played Glastonbury Festival (!), and found out we were nominated for a Western Canadian music award for best roots album (!!). Great times.

We’re touring around this summer doing a few festivals: Discovery Coast,Summerfolk, Harmony Arts;  a few shows, including a CBC nooner in Vancouver and a fundraiser in Skagit River for their mindblowing poetry festival. I’ll also be doing some literary stuff, performing on the last night of the Sunshine Coast Writer’s Festival, and hosting workshops for the Biennale Project and Wordsworth camp for young writers.

In the fall, I’ll mostly be holed up finishing the novel, but there’s also some east coast dates with The Fugitives, some hosting to be done at the Vancouver Writer’s Festival, and (NOTE TO TEACHERS!) the Travellin’ SLAM is booking for the 2014-2015 season! Hurrah!

See you all soon! Since it’s summer time I’ll leave you with this jam, recorded last summer along Vancouver’s Sea Wall:


The Fugitives WCMA Nomination

Hey all,

Very psyched that the Fugitives album “Everything Will Happen” has been nominated for best roots album of the year (duo/group) at this year’s Western Canadian Music Awards.

For all the nominees, see this awesome list of Western Canadian talent HERE

Buffy Sainte-Marie Tour

Hey all,

Some exciting news that my folk group The Fugitives will be opening for folk legend Buffy Sainte-Marie this March for a two week stint through the Prairies. Please see all the relevant dates on my Gigs page.

In other news, I’m off to the Coldsnap Festival in Prince George to run and perform at the festival’s inaugural SLAM. Then I’m off to Festival Place to perform a solo show in Sherwood Park. Back home for the Superbowl, then off on tour with The Fugitives again. It will be a fun winter! Stay warm, y’all!

New Fugitives Album, Videos, Tour, Reviews – Everything!

Hey all,

The leaves are turning, which means it’s time for touring. You can head over to the gigs page and take a look at the many places I’ll be coming to across Canada, as The Fugitives release our new CD, Everything Will Happen.

Though we’re a month away, reviews are starting to come in, and they’re really really positive. Check them out here and here.

Wanna see some new videos? Oh man. We have tons. Just head over to our video blog for trailers, official vids, and live vids. It’s all good fun.

Here’s a nice new one below:

See you soon, Canada!